Music: Mercy Brown’s “Fifteen Songs from Missing Children”

I’ve been meaning for a couple of weeks to write some kind of review of Mercy Brown‘s Fifteen Songs from Missing Children, but I am crap at describing music. I never even know what genre something is, let alone how to describe whatever I like about it (exception being musicals, which I have no difficulty reviewing). This is why when I do posts of song downloads, my descriptions and recommendations tend to be something like “This song is great. Listen to it, or else.”

This band is great. Listen to them, or else.

I think it I had to pick a genre description out of the air, I’d call it something like “melodic indie rock”. With a wide dark streak.

There’s always a risk, when buying a CD from someone you know, that you’ll think it’s a bit mediocre and will have to search for polite things to say, so I was glad I liked it from the first few bars of the first track. In fact the first few bars of quite a few of the songs already give me shivers. If I was any good at music reviews, I’d list various other artists whom I hear the influence of, but I’m not. Although I will say that they’re varied… One of the keyboard lines on “Secret Phrases” reminds me a bit of The Doors, other songs send me off into a trancy state, just closing my eyes and nodding along. A couple of the tracks have already been added to my “favourite songs” mix. Which means that if my plugin and iTunes would actually work at the same time, they’d be shooting up the rankings on my chart.

Oh, and the lead singer has quite the sexy voice.

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