US and freedom of press

Bush camp attacks newspaper ‘treason’

George Bush and Dick Cheney are calling The New York Times a disgrace, Republican congressmen say it is guilty of treason and demand the prosecution of the Editor, while a right-wing radio presenter suggests most of its readers must be ‘jihadists’. … Republicans in the House of Representatives prepared to table a motion yesterday condemning the newspaper.

You know what I find amusing? The Daily Telegraph, the UK’s most conservative non-tabloid newspaper, has some deal with The New York Times where they include a 4 page sampler issue of the NYT once a month – some news articles, and the opinion articles. To the thoroughly conservative Telegraph, the NYT’s shocking liberalism is apparently a lot less clear and obvious than it is to US readers.

Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that there are actually some genuinely vaguely liberal/left-wing newspapers in the UK, so we know how to tell the difference a bit better.

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